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About this project

This research project addresses the knowledge gap that exists regarding working class women’s experiences of sexual violence. The aim of the project is to explore how sexual violence is understood and experienced by victim-survivors at the intersection of gender and class.

It is important to recognise that violence against women is rooted in gender inequality; however, we also want to ensure we have a class focus, as not all women are the same. We should be open to listening to different women's experiences, so that we can make sure responses are appropriate.

We want to speak to women to find out if they spoke to anyone about their experience, and if so who that was. What was the response from friend or colleague or a professional (e.g., health). We want to better understand the role class plays in relation to such experiences. 

The project is funded by the British Academy/Leverhulme. But all opinions and outputs are our decision and responsibility. 

**Our project recruitment is closed **

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